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Spiritual Retreats

Retreat from the cares and concerns of the world; dedicate three days to bask in the presence and glory of God along the tranquil Caribbean shores. Participate in interactive Bible sessions, vibrant praise and worship and behold the beauty of His holiness with women of like hearts. Enjoy total intimacy with the Lord and rekindle your passion and first love……Expect to be transformed!  


Sample Day 

6:00  6:30 am :Morning Glory Prayer 

6:45  7:15 am :Cardio & Cool Down  

8:00  8:45 am :Breakfast 

9:00  9:30 am  :Praise & Worship 

9:30  11:00 am :Session One-Ministry 


11:00 11:30 am :Break 

12:00  1:00 pm :Lunch 

1:00    1:45 pm  :Girl Talk Session  Shop on a Dime – Maximize your life – Eat to Live   

1:45    5:45 pm  :Spa – Quiet time – Journal time 

5:45    6:45 pm  :Dinner 

7:00    7:30 pm  :Praise & Worship 

7:30    8:30 pm  :Session Two 

9:00    9:30 pm  :Closing Prayer  


Wellness Retreats

Pursue a lifestyle that exemplifies total health and wholeness! Begin by committing three days of total stewardship to your body, mind and spirit. This retreat will include a detox and cleanse program fitness training, breathing techniques and fit for life eating principles that will support the digestive and immune system. Build strength through balanced motion by using the Joseph Pilates method. This approach will help you find your center alignment, increase range of motion and enhance concentration, leading to improved posture and expanded flexibility. Learn how to live each day honoring God through your temple.  


Sample Day 

6:00  6:30 am  :Morning Glory Prayer

6:45  7:45 am  :Power Walk  

8:00  8:30 am  :Breakfast 

9:30  10:30 am  :Yoga 


10:30 11:30 am  :Session — Detox/Cleanse 

11:00  11:30 am  :Break 

12:00  12:30 pm :Clean Diet/Lunch 

1:00    1:45 pm  : Wellness Session  Fit for Life - Dry Skin Brushing  

1:45    4:45 pm  :Ocean Therapy - Quiet time 

5:00   6:00 pm :Dinner 

6:30   7:30 pm :Light Walk 

7:30   8:30 pm  :Session –Enzymes/Digestive 

9:00   9:30 pm  :Evening Prayer  


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