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Essentials to Entering Today’s Workforce and Entrepreneurship
Objective – To create a solid career path that empowers and prepares women to enter into today’s challenging workforce.
Seminar Outline

Embracing  Your God Given Mission and Vision

God has a handpicked assignment for each one of us. He designed us with a Mission and has given us a Vision to fulfill the Mission . However it's pivotal that you understand and embrace the assignment God has given you. This seminar will instruct you on how to write the Vision down as well as, see embrace and speak the Vision into existence.   

Creating an Impressive Resume
Your resume is a snapshot of your “on the job” and life experience; it is an asset that may determine whether you get an interview, call back or land the job! Learn how to effectively craft a killer resume,   by using the right terminology and wording that is guaranteed to get you the interview.

Interview Essentials
Quickly learn the essentials of the interview process. Understand how to ask the right questions to find out the information you should know. Master the technique of position, presence and poise. Learn how to comfortably control the interview process through effective engagement and confidence.  

Dressing for Success
Making the right impression is pivotal to get the job.  Within seconds people make an assessment of you based on your head to toe appearance.  Learn how to combine the right color coordinates and corporate attire to make the right professional statement. Safeguard yourself against the wrong ensemble, jewelry, shoes and even make-up that many times prevent you from landing the job.


 Building Self Esteem and Confidence
Objective – To push beyond self-inflicted limitations and become the woman God destined you to be!

Seminar Outline
Who Am I  - What is my brand?
    Self Analysis
    Self Respect
    Self Worth and Value
    Appreciating Your Individuality

    The Source
    Innate Character
    Determining Your Purpose
    Fulfilling Your Purpose

HOW YOU WILL BENEFIT: Building Confidence
    Releasing Your Inner Power
    Walking By Faith
    Availing Yourself to Opportunity
    Pass It On

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